about us

We are a Christ-centered youth education foundation working in the Fort Worth and Tarrant County metropolitan area. We saw an opportunity when we observed how our own immigrant children struggled in public schools which had a secular curriculum which did not include the much-needed values education which teens so much need. While we have roots in the Nigerian-American community, we are truly “multicultural” in the best sense of that word in terms of our outreach to youth of all communities.

We are all about building bridges between people of different backgrounds who share a desire to teach and learn Christian values. We do not turn away anyone – we include Muslim and all other faiths as well as secular youth in our programs while we respect their beliefs as we affirm our own. We love a mix of students in our classrooms. We are about imparting wholesome and healthy values more than about religious instruction.

The crucial need we see and wish to meet is for youth to learn the spiritual and social values they learn to know and practice. As they learn, they see their needs and personalities affirmed, and in our own teaching experience we have seen how grateful they are not just to learn but to share such knowledge. We find that youth welcome loving and wise instruction in the ways of their lives.

Our favorite Bible verse:

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

What we teach are not clichés or generalities, but lessons which stem from respect for oneself as a foundation for respect for others. We reach out to boys and girls alike - or perhaps we should say young men and women being formed.

Much of what we do involves teaching healthy attitudes about sexuality and sexual changes in young people as these occur.� We teach modesty and chastity without any shaming. Some youths will lapse and indulge in sexual behavior before they are ready. We understand that temptation is strong here and instruct how to avoid it without hurting oneself and others. Teens can be devastated by feelings of infatuation and love stemming from sexual activity engaged in too early, with emotional hurt and depression as a result. We fully prepare them for the joy and gift of sexuality as it will be realized in marriage.

As mentioned above, we are rooted in a healthy and respectful multiculturalism, and take account of different backgrounds as we instruct. We know that different youths express and think of themselves differently according to which ethnic or national tradition in which they were raised. It is always a thrill when these differences come out and are discussed with mutual respect.

Another pressure we help teen deal with is academic. With all the distractions of adolescence, the pressure to make grades for college ca be overwhelming. Our tutoring responds to individual needs here, and is an important part of what we do, whether in groups or one-on-one as needed. Other pressures arise from health concerns such as how so many teens neglect sufficient sleep and good eating. We teach health habits for the whole person here, a whole person facing the challenge of growing up in a teen’s changing body.

We start and end our sessions with humble and sincere prayer. We ask students to submit prayers they wish mentioned (whether openly or anonymously) and we are open to appropriate students taking the lead in conducting prayers in our sessions when appropriate. One goal at Ennyat Foundation is to help create spiritual leaders. We also help our students do volunteer work with suitable Christian charities as part of encouraging a lifelong full or part-time commitment to such work, with the hope many will realize it as a calling and a vocation. In such work Christ still lives and works among us, as He does in so many ways.

Our Mission:

To inspire and empower every youth to make an impact in their community and change the world.