wellness awareness

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There is a saying that Health is wealth. So it is important to understand that the health status of a child can determine his final outcome in life and so it is key to educate them on the basic steps to living a healthy lifestyle, in order to be healthy to achieve their desired goals.

School age is the perfect time for children to learn about healthy lifestyle, healthy food choices, bodies and activity. This is the time they start a busy social life, have pocket money and begin to help choose their own lifestyle. Children of this age learn quickly and are also influenced by their friends and popular trends

Children need a wide variety of foods for a well balanced diet. The amount of physical activity they have in a day will be an important part of how much they need to eat. When children are busy and active, snacking is important to keep energy levels high. A healthy morning snack at races and one after school are usually needed each day

Adequate diet, Healthy living, personal hygiene and actively involving in physical exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Staying healthy is the only way to guarantee your future


Physical activity is part of good health. Children should be encouraged to partake in physical activities.

To increase your child's activity, try:

Limit the amount of time spent on TV

Do something physical together

Watch your child engage in sporting activities