global PEF

Global Phenomenon Empowerment Foundation is a non-profit organization that is set up for youth empowerment by bringing awareness to essential information and to build bridges between youth of different backgrounds. The Foundation in partnership with Ennyat Foundation aims to inspire and empower every youth to achieve their greatest potential.

We are Christ-centered youth education foundation; however, we do not turn away anyone – we include Muslim and all other faiths as well as secular youth in our programs while we respect their beliefs as we affirm our own. We love a mix of students in our classrooms. We are about imparting wholesome and healthy values more than about religious instruction.

What we teach are not clichés or generalities, but lessons which stem from respect for oneself as a foundation for respect for others. We reach out to boys and girls alike - or perhaps we should say young men and women being formed.

Launching in Nigeria TBD

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